Study notes

To many Wednesday night is Orange Wednesday – cinema, popcorn and an action thriller. For us, however it is a school night in every sense of the word (cue violin). We have foregone the opportunity to go and see Les Mis for the second time to write… drum roll please…. dry tasting notes. My god what an anti climax that is.

In an effort to make it slightly more exciting we’ve got a 17 litre bag of popcorn (we’ve been told you can NEVER have enough popcorn) and a couple of bottles of wine. In an effort for inspiration we have gone with a Mea Culpa Chardonnay from the Yarra and Hollick Coonawarra Cabernet. Inspiration, perhaps not. The giggles… oh yes.

As fun as it would be to tell you the production differences between Cava, Prosecco and New World sparkling we won’t. A fork in the eye might be more fun unless you are also an MW student… in which case you really should already know that. Retakes anyone?!

Signing out to go and find our lives/livers

The Wine Monkeys
Alex, Emma & Lenka

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