These monkeys don’t speak french – the Bordeaux tour

Arrival in Bordeaux started with promise… Blue skies and no queue at the car hire. There was slight fear in the faces of the 2 passenger monkeys as alex spoke loudly to herself while driving… ‘you are driving on the right, on the right alex’. Only 2 near crashes on day one seemed reasonable, especially when contending with squeals of ‘look, it’s pichon’ or ‘stop! It’s a giant bottle! We need a photo’

We won’t bore you with details of the negociant system, of oak regimes at lynch bages or the use of dry ice, though our inner wine geeks were jumping for joy. Besides Lenka DOES NOT SHARE EXAMPLES! There was a moment of compassion however, for the poor boy from lynch bages who was tasked with taking us round; the fear in his eyes and the tremor in his voice when the pH questions came out and he was forced to reveal he had only been in the job 4 months only stopped us in our barrage briefly. Man up sunshine, it’s a cruel world out there.

The long drive from the left bank to the right bank was dominated by wails of protest from Lenka (did I mention she DOES NOT SHARE EXAMPLES?) as emma and alex joyously shouted out every word to les mis. Lenka finally relieved DJ Emma of her duties, but not before we snuck in a word perfect rendition of little mermaid’s ‘part of their world’.

After a few wrong turns, and growing consternation that alex could not find the headlights and the sun was setting, we arrived in pomerol to chateau Bon Pasteur, our home for the night.

Ditching our bags we did what any self respecting monkey would do and took a cab to the closest restaurant. Full tummies, even fuller wine glasses. Happy monkeys.

A bientot

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