Dear Chardonnay, it’s okay to be you.

I have just learned that today is apparently the International Chardonnay day. How that passed me by, given it’s one of my two fav white varieties, I have no idea. But conveniently I was planning to post the blog below just on this day. Psychic. I thought that given I trashed my least favourite variety here last week (to much agreement, which made me smile), it may be worth to attone and post something about one I actually like. This may be the last blog for a few weeks as the monkeys head into the dangerous territory of the Master of Wine exams. Ouch. Wish us well. So…’s one I prepared earlier.


Dear Chardonnay,
It’s been a while since we last had a chat and I thought we should. Youve grown up a lot, and changed. I noticed. I care about you so just want to make sure that you are still happy within yourself. I know you’ve had your ups and downs over time. In your younger years, you really lived life to the full. You used to enjoy toast with lashings of butter, tropical fruit cocktails, vanilla milkshakes and clotted cream. People liked you that way, though you were a bit obnoxious at times. We all have our moments. A few years ago you gave in to pressure. You went to the gym, you got lean. You’re not that much into butter anymore, you’re on a diet of green fruit, lemon water and savoury snacks. But are you happy? I know you had an issue with acid burn in 2010, when you went to Burgundy. You’ve been spending a lot of time in Australia lately too, doing yoga on the beach and downing green shakes. You certainly look the better for it. Your abs are quite impressive. But are you really healthy? Is this all too much? I do notice how happy you always look when you’ve been in California, you are basically glowing. The golden glow and peachy skin is beguiling. I’d like to see you this happy more often. It’s not all about the looks and you know it. You do have substance. I think you’re a touch too hard on yourself at the moment. Chill out, enjoy the sun and have an ice cream. I will always love you, no matter what – lean or fat – and so will others. I think the middle ground is a good ground to stand on. You can gain a few extra pounds and still be elegant, you know. I just want you to be happy and realise that it’s okay to be you.
Lenka (Evil Monkey)

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