Can you teach an old monkey new tricks? I sincerely hope so.

It was with unfettered glee that I finished my final exams at university, vowing never again to put myself through such an excruciating experience.  So how is it that 9 years later I once again find myself in a pit of black despair surrounded by piles of incomprehensible notes trying vainly to prepare for the biggest exams of my life?  At the start of the marathon that is the MW I thought it was passion, now I realize it is a combination of stubbornness, stupidity and masochism that has brought me to this place.

So is it too late for this old monkey to learn new tricks?  It is certainly proving harder to be a student then it once was.  Firstly, time is not on my side; they say life speeds up as you get older and they weren’t joking.  This is definitely not helped by a full time job which is not the ‘9-5’ that Dolly Parton promised me.   Secondly my memory appears to be working a ‘one in one out’ policy for facts, (too much space seems to be taken up by dodgy country songs that, by all accounts, seem there to stay).  In comes the oxygen transmission rates of saranex screwcaps and out go the production costs of a vigneron.  Thirdly, and possibly as a result of number one and two I am permanently exhausted but seem to lack the ability to sleep at the appropriate time; such as in my bed at night rather than on my books in the mornings.  I am clinging onto that old comfort blanket of ‘you know more than you think you do’ because right now I am struggling to remember my own name.
None of this appears conducive to the successful completion of my exams, however I do have one secret weapon in my armoury; and that is the other two monkeys.  Just as I am beginning to flag and think that it would be far easier to simply drown my sorrows in the pub they convince me another timed essay or blind tasting is the way forward.  Though sadly they can’t sit the exams for me, they do seem determined to boot my ass into the exam room and drag me across the finish line by my hair.  Whether the final result is a pass or a fail it is a journey that has, so far, taken me to far flung corners of the world, introduced me to some truly amazing people and fuelled a passion for the industry, the people and the wine in all its amazing (if unidentifiable blind) forms.  Maybe I’m not destined to have MW after my name, but I will certainly be putting GIBGG (Gave it a Bloody Good Go)


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