Returning to the real world

Firstly, our apologies for being rather uncommunicative winemonkeys lately. Now we are through the exams and done with study and revision for a while we will do our best to update this blog a little more frequently.
So, the exams. Well, the important thing is we survived in more or less one piece. Yes they were tough – exceedingly tough at times – but no-one goes into the MW thinking it will be a walk in the park. As we have to remain anonymous to the examiners we can’t tell you which questions we tackled – or indeed which wines we failed to identify (although there were quite a lot of them), but if you fancy having a look at the exam papers they are available on the MW website –
The results don’t come out until September – which does seem like a ridiculously long way away.  But on the upside that means the summer can unfold ahead of us full of fun and games and no study. Just think of the luxury of reading trashy magazines or a novel instead of another wine book – and drinking a glass of wine for the pleasure and not to analyse every last aspect of it. But first off, a holiday for each of us. Alex is currently sunning herself on a Greek beach and Lenka is off to Amalfi later this week, also to enjoy the sun no doubt. I’m going to Cornwall. Ok, not quite so exotic and, given the summer thus far, unlikely to be very hot – but I’m looking forward to some nice coastal walks and then sitting outside with that trashy chick lit and a glass of something nicely chilled and white. 



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