Milos, music and wine

The other weekend I was invited along to a classical guitar concert at the Wigmore Hall, featuring the world-famous guitarist Milos. Unlike probably everyone else there, I had little idea of what to expect – having not really listened to any classical guitar before, nor been to Wigmore Hall before.

So it was a bit of a shock to find myself on the front row in this intimate venue, with Milos just in front of me, practically in touching distance. Close enough to see the scuffed red soles of his black patent brogues and hear him breathing as he played.

For any classical guitar fans out there, you may be aware that Milos has model good looks – so sitting on the front row wasn’t exactly a hardship. But when the music started I could gradually feel myself pulled into it. Time slowed and it was no longer about the man, but about the guitar and the music that came out of it. The audience was spellbound, caught up in the moment and the notes touched somewhere deep in the core of all of us.

Afterward, Milos spoke and said he had chosen the piece as it “tickles my tastebuds”. Funny he should use those exact words because that feeling that he created with the music – something so hard to put into words – that is exactly what I feel when tasting a wonderful wine. In the same way his music slowed down time and tugged at the heartstrings, calming the mind whilst simultaneously creating a feeling of excitement – that to me is the taste of fine wine.

So, music as wine or wine as music – or both just the result of that indefinable thing we call art? Just a thought.


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