The Gift of Good Wine

I always felt that I should have a job where I was giving something back to society.  I had grand plans as a child of building orphanages, poaching poachers and protecting the weak.  By hook or by crook my life took a slightly different turn, and as much as I would like to spin doctor it, to date, there hasn’t been a huge amount in my career that has ‘given anything to the community’.

anti poaching

This has finally changed!  I have just started a new job with a wonderful (free) wine app called wotwine?  Now, I appreciate this isn’t curing Ebola or helping refugees in Syria but in my own little, wine soaked way, I genuinely believe I am working for a company that can help people buy decent wine.

In short we are a team of professional wino’s (Masters of Wine and MW students, sommeliers, winemakers, wine marketeers and the odd self confessed wine ignoramus) who have tasted 80% of the wines in the UK supermarket shelves (don’t worry we are aiming for 100% coverage).  We rate them both on value to help you find the genuine deals rather than cynical promotions, as well as on quality to give you security that your hard earned tenner is going to be well spent rather than squandered on a disappointing bottle of forgettable mediocrity.

I have been in wine all my working life and have a pretty sound knowledge of grape varieties, regions and vintages and so the supermarket shelves should be a walk in the park for me in terms of identifying the gems.  Not so.  So much is down to producer that the only way to genuinely know if a wine is good is to taste it.  This is where we come in.  We have tasted it, judged it and are at your iphone/android finger tips in the supermarkets to give you guidance.

Scan the wine’s bar code and get our unbiased views on it to make sure it is worth those hard earned pounds (all the wines are tasted and assessed blind, then debated by the panel).  Or select the supermarket you are in and then the ‘great value’ icon and it will list all the wines there that we think really over deliver.  Equally use the website from the comfort of your own home via the search icon and click through to order for home delivery. Simples.

wotwine logo 3

This may seem like a shameless punt for the business but in truth, nothing irritates me more than spending money on a bottle of wine and getting home only to find it is gut rot not even worthy of cooking with.  This is a complete waste of money, time and emotional investment.  Wotwine? Is there to help guide you through the supermarket minefield to the genuinely exciting, well made, good value gems that they do all have, hidden away on the shelves.

So society, my gift to you, a bottle of wine that will put a smile back on your face.


– Alex

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