The Roederers….one year on

A number of tweets caught my attention the other day – announcing the shortlist for the 2015 Roederer awards. Or as someone coined it, “the Oscars of the wine writing world”. 

There are 7 different categories, covering everything from books, columns, features, food and wine, photography and online writing – as well as the rather wonderfully named Emerging Wine Writer award for the new voices in wine writing. This year the shortlist for the Emerging Wine Writer award runs to 7 names and it is pleasing to see two names in particular there for people on the MW course with us: Mark Andrew who co-founded the wonderful ‘Noble Rot’ magazine and Cathrine Todd who has her own blog,, which is well worth a read. 

I know just how excited they must be – for a year ago that was me, slightly incredulously reading the email that said I had been shortlisted for the Emerging Wine Writer award for my entries on this very blog. Fast forward a couple of months and there I was being announced as the winner. It still feels slightly unreal now – on stage with the other winners, all big names in the wine writing world, and me accepting my award alongside them. Crazy.

Well it’s fair to say that in the last year I haven’t exactly emerged. Snuggled deeper into my chrysalis might be a more exact description. And yet it’s not that I haven’t been writing – it’s just that I’ve been engrossed in penning my MW research paper. Numerous rewrites and over 9000 words later it has now been handed in so it is time for me to return to writing more for pleasure than for study. 

And so it’s time for me to turn over a new leaf, begin to edge a little further out of that chrysalis, and start blogging properly again. Watch this space.


For a full list of all of the shortlisted people in the Roederer Awards see here:

Good luck everyone!

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