D-Day approaches

September has arrived and that means just one thing for any MW student – results day is just around the corner. For Lenka and I it is a bigger date than any previously. Next Monday, September 7, we will each get a phone call to let us know whether we have passed the final stage of the course and so if we are able to put those two little letters after our names. MW. So, not just any Monday then.

It is now over two months since we both handed our research papers in – something that no small amount of blood, sweat and tears had gone into. In my case, over 9000 carefully written and re-written words interspersed with any number of tables and graphs was finally deemed ready for submission and with a deep breath ‘send’ was pressed on the email.

The summer since then has been spent trying to forget about it as much as possible, or at least put it to the back of our minds. Being able to read fiction novels again and not have to spend weekends working was certainly a much-appreciated novelty. But now as D-Day looms ever closer I find that my thoughts are inevitably turning to next Monday, and certainly if my dreams are anything to go by then my subconscious is very much aware of what lies ahead.

Of course we have to feel hopeful – we both worked our socks off to get our research papers finished – but that hope is also tempered by no small amount of nerves and worry. Not in the least because we are true guinea pigs – our year is the first year for the new research paper, meaning it was very hard to know with any certainty exactly what the examiners wanted. So whilst we and our mentors were happy with what we submitted, who knows if that meets the markers’ criteria.

And then beyond the worry about not passing and either having to make a load more changes to our papers or (worst case scenario) having to start from scratch is another thought – what happens if we do pass and become MWs? What comes next?

Only time will tell. T minus 6 days and counting…..


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