The Coravin Revolution finally reaches the Tilling house

I hold my hands up and admit I am a luddite.  I tend to view most technology whether it’s a computer or an iphone with a mixture of intrigue, confusion and fear.  Mostly fear of breaking it.  Enter the Coravin, a clever gadget founded in 2011 that penetrates the cork with a needle, drawing out wine and replacing it with inert gas to prevent oxidation thus allowing a wine to be drunk over months without compromising its condition.  It is something I have admired from afar as a ‘clever new-fangled gadget’ (I know, it is hard to believe I’m 34 not 84) and have always been happy to be rewarded with a glass from it as long as I didn’t have to manhandle it myself.

I’ll admit it proved particularly useful while studying for the MW practical exams, tasting from 15 bottles without opening them (and then being obliged to drink your way through the open bottles) Yet thanks to my study buddy (who was blissfully aware of this rather strange state of affairs) I was not obliged to work the contraption myself as she did all the pouring.

However, a month ago my boyfriend bought one for us to use at home in a bid to reduce waste.  It sat in its box exuding an unnerving ‘gadgety’ malevolence which had me resolutely drinking screw cap wine.  This week finally saw the end of the Coravin stand-off as my tech savvie boyfriend walked me through what is in reality a ridiculously easy and un-technical piece of equipment that a five year old could handle.  Suddenly a whole world of wine wonderment opened before me.

In this short time the Coravin has liberated me from the constraints of traditional drinking; rather than having to drink the same wine as your partner, now you can pick and choose according to your mood or your food and to hell with them!  More than that, you can indulge in a glass of something truly delightful when you are on your own, for the world of fine wine has become an everyday indulgence.  Suddenly mini victories can be toasted and tough days can be dissolved in a cloud of organoleptic pleasure without leaving you, like Odysseus being wooed by the Sirens call of the open bottle.  Is there the danger of constantly sneaking back to the Coravin for another glass? Possibly, but it is far less likely if you are as lazy as I am!

So to all you wine lovers, gadget-phobes or not, this snazzy piece of kit really is the dog’s and well worth the investment.


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