If music be the wine of love, drink up! (sorry Willi. S)

This is a little recap of a piece I wrote for Armit following an event I hosted for them.  I am a firm believer in your emotional state dictating how you taste wine, and as such combining beautifully moving music with exceptional wines will undoubtedly impact your experience for the better…

Wine is the lubricant of social situations, the life blood of the party, the facilitator of great dinners.  Wine is almost never drunk alone. In silence. With a notepad.  Except it is, whenever there is a formal tasting we invite people to lock themselves in a little analytical box and block out the holistic enjoyment found in the glass.  This is denying them at least 50% of the pleasure that wine can offer; the emotional response to the smell, the sight and the taste that wine can invoke.

Determined to reintroduce wine to its natural environment of social happiness and emotional stimulus, Armit were delighted to partner with the world renowned Philharmonia Orchestra for a unique evening of wine and music.  Our first event was an intimate recital of Debussy performed by principle flute Samuel Coles, principle viola Yukiko Ogura and principle harp Heidi Krutzen combined with a wine tasting by the inimitable Gaia Gaja of the eponymous estate in Piedmont.  Two Titans of two totally different yet complimentary worlds there for the sole pleasure of our delighted audience.

But the evening was about more than enjoying the two great past times of music and wine, it was about submitting ourselves to two forces that have the ability to stir our emotions.  Both have the capacity to incite powerful reactions based on personal experience and individual interpretation.  The Nebbiolo grape is responsible for the profound wines of Barolo and Barbaresco and is renowned for its intense power and tension yet its ethereal perfume and grace, wines seemingly designed to accompany the passionately haunting tones of Debussy.

So why don’t you try a little social experiment and have a taste of wine when you get in, then spend 10 minutes unwinding to your favourite music be that Neil Diamond or Daft Punk, then take another taste and see if the wine becomes more enjoyable as you let down your walls and become more receptive to pleasure.  We’d love to know what music worked for you….

  • Alex

Gaia Gaja presenting her wines in conjunction with the Philharmonia OrchestraGaja presenting 2

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